Nim Li Punit is one of the smaller Maya sites well known for the large amount of stele found there.


    Nim Li Punit inherited it's name from a carving on the longest of the site's twenty-six stele, depicting a figure wearing a large headdress.


    In the Maya Kekchi language, Nim Li Punit means "the big hat".

    The site is composed of three main areas designated as the west group, the east group, and the south group.


    The West group is separated from the rest of the site by a small seasonal creek. This group may have served as an access route to the city in ancient times. It consists of a upper and lower terrace with large plazas on each level.

    The South group is comprised of two of the most fascinating complexes at Nim Li Punit-Plaza of the Royal Tombs and Plaza of the Stellae. Three tombs were excavated in the Plaza of the Royal Tombs in the residential area of the royal family. In the Plaza of the Stellae, 26 stone monuments were found.


    These stone monuments were used to commemorate and record important political events such as alliances, wars and battles, family trees, and visits from official delegations from surrounding cities.

    The ball court is situated at the midpoint between the south group and the east group and consists of two mounds with a rectangular space between them. At the center of the space is a ball court marker.


    The rules of the game are not known, but it is clear that the movement of the ball represents the sun, moon, and other celestial.

    After the ruins, you will visit Blue Creek Cave, located in the Toledo District of Belize. Blue Creek Cave is one of the largest underground cave systems in the world.


    The Maya name for this cave is Hokeb Ha or "Where the water enters the earth".

    The cave is classified as a wet cave with dry routes. You have entered the mysterious underworld of the Maya. Enjoy the cave's beauty as you float out and throughout the cave.

    Tour price Includes transportation, entry fees, gear and lunch. Tour departs about 7:00 AM and returns around 5:30 PM.

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