The Mayan ruins of Actun Tunichil Muknal are located on the Western Highway in The Cayo District. In the Mayan language, the name means Cave of the Stone Sepulcher.

    Artifacts are often looted from caves following their discovery. Because of this, passage through this cave remains known to only to a select few guides who have permission from the Belize Department of Archeology.

    To this day, the cave has nearly all of the cultural artifacts in place as they were originally found in 1989.

    On this tour you will be guided through the lush subtropical forest of the Tapir Mountain National Park to the crystal blue waters surrounding the entrance of this remarkable limestone cave.


    Through its passages you will encounter centuries old sparkling stalactites and stalagmites and discover hidden chambers full of Maya artifacts and remains that reveal the rituals and ceremonies of a lost world.


    You will start your day at 7:00am with a 2.5 hour drive to Teakettle Village in the Cayo District.

    Upon arrival in you will transfer to an off-road vehicle which will transport you to the Tapir Mountain National Park. Next, gear up for a 45 minute jungle hike where you may see some of Belize's amazing wildlife.


    This area is home to the Tapir, Jaguar, Howler Monkey, Silky Anteater, White Tail Deer and many more.


    You will arrive at a base camp that is used by the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project (BVAR) and stop for lunch.


    After gearing up with professional cave helmets, lights and waterproof bags, you will venture into the cave to explore the underworld of the Maya.


    At the entrance to the cave, you will have a short swim through crystal clear cave water, into passages filled with cave formations.


    Duration of cave tour is approximately 4 hours. You will return to Placencia arriving at around 6:00pm, just in time for dinner.

    This all day tour is challenging in its difficulty, and is for the hearty of mind and body. Tour Price includes transportation, lunch, all gear and park entrance fee.

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